Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sound of music

After [almost] 23 years in this world I’ve realized life is full of Milestones; things that change you & the way you think; make you question your values & habits.

For some it’s falling in love, having a baby or getting a job.

For me it was losing my iPod at Punks Wear Prada.

where r u

In addition to learning I shouldn’t leave things on club sofas at 4 am I also learned about myself. Life without an iPod means Walking in Silence; it means being Left Alone With Your Thoughts. And for me, this meant a lot.

Let me explain:

Heading home from an afterparty in the afternoon is totally Fun with The Kills.

Walking at night to meet Some Boy is Romantic with Rihanna.

Going to a dive bar when you should be studying is Daring with The Velvet Underground.
And rushing to work after sleepless nights is Glamorous with Lady Gaga.

But when it’s just you and your thoughts?

Suddenly Fun turns Frantic
Romantic turns Raunchy
Daring turns Destructive
Glamorous turns Grotesque.

~Welcome to Depression~

I’ve been thinking a lot and I thought maybe it’s time to change-maybe I should consider my conscience, my school & my health.

But then I remembered something important. My Birthday is coming and it’s the perfect opportunity for yall to buy me an iPod.

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  1. ahah it was such a romantic post and you ruined with the gift.