Friday, December 31, 2010

STUDY PLAN 2010/11

Lots of us have exams coming and I'm here to help yall study via my

-Wake up early, make yourself coffee.

-Watch some TV (you need to "clear your mind")
-Clean your house (so you have "thinking space").
-First the kitchen-wash your dishes, scrub the counters, clean your fridge.
-Clean your bathroom- toilet, sink and shower.
-Mop your entire floor and under every surface.

-Organize your closet. (By color, season and brand).

-Wash all of your dirty clothes and throw out ones you dont wear.
-While waiting for your clothes to wash and dry, organize your shoes.
-Iron your dry clothes.
-Try new outfit combinations.
-Post outfit ideas on tumblr.

-Tell your friends not to bother you because you need to study.

-Call all of your friends to warn them not to call you.
-Those of your friends you can't reach by phone should be reached via facebook, twitter or skype.
-Update all your social networking sites to inform other friends/followers.

-Call your ex-boyfriends.


-Tell them you're sorry about everything.
-Tell them you're not sorry and it's all their fault.
-Tell them you slept with their brother.
-Deny it.
-Tell them you want them back.
-Tell them they were bad in bed.
-Deny it.
-Ask for your old stuff back.
-Tell them you are studying and to leave you alone!

-Take time to think about what you have to do before you actually do it.
-Write a list of things you must accomplish.
-Write a seperate list of what order, what time and with what you'll do this.

-Turn the list into an excel document
-Connect the document to your calendar and blackberry.
-(Go buy a blackberry if you dont have one)
-Make the list into a JPG (using illustrator or photoshop)
-Turn it into your desktop background and Facebook Profile picture.

-Notice you are exhausted.
-Go to sleep so you have more energy to study tomorrow.

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