Friday, January 14, 2011

ciggies & crosses

Hey yall remember when I posted that illustration video of models smoking cigarettes?

My mom hated that post via it "promoting smoking and implying that it's cool." I assured her that my title was ironic and the artist was making some kind of Statement but she didn't believe me because I'm usually wrong.

I decided to find out for myself so I contacted (stalked) the artist and asked her about it.

"I don't like smoking cigarettes. Cigarettes, along with crosses, are my signatures...both are bad for you. Their presence in my work symbolizes addiction. My work often refers to self-inflicted, negative patterns and behaviors that we try to overcome, but in a strange way can't live without.  Whether that be bad relationships, bad habits, or smoking cigarettes..."

See, mom? :)

Read my full article on  Cosebelle.

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  1. Way to prove your mom wrong! Good article too