Sunday, January 9, 2011

Girl Meets News

They say I'm "the artist" of my family but I know they just mean "the idiot."

Memory and basic consciousness have never been my strong points and most of our "family stories" involve me almost getting us deported.

My sister, on the other hand, is different.  Not only does she know how to find Iran on a map, she probably knows what war is going on there.

Meanwhile when she told me that Georgia was invaded by Russia (?!)  I thought she meant ATL.

I've always been told I should "watch the news" (because apparently "the view" doesn't count).

I finally decided to try it today so I did some research on Here's what I found:


I love this idiot because he reminds me of when I lived in Boone. I was dating a boy at the time who made me watch programs on the National Geographic and Discovery Channel. (Boone is full of snow and has no fashion week; all we did was watch tv and drink 40s). For every 5 hours of this, he'd let me watch one hour or Project Runway. It was a healthy relationship.

Bear was one of his favorites-putting himself into dangerous, impossible situations and then getting himself out of them completely alone [with camera crew and helicopters].

Here he's giving tips on 5 "household items" that can help you survive in the wilderness.
Funny because he forgot "food" and "water." But I guess I wouldn't know.


Um...I didn't know real spies still EXISTED, much less hot/stylish ones?!
She's my new Lady Gaga. I'm waiting for her album and underwear line.


Are we still talking about her?  Maybe I'm not that far behind.

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