Thursday, January 20, 2011

the hype

The streets and trams are empty and milan is ugly again.
The models have gone to paris.

Girls have quit their diets, made up with their boyfriends and marked their calendars for june.
My MFW was the most successful to date-but I won't dwell on it. Rather I'll wrap it all up with a chat at McDonald's with a kid from the Hercules Casting.

19 year old Russel from Brooklyn who loves whiskey and pizza and didn't know about the Male Model Hype until I told him ("Damn, really?! Like model groupies?!"). His friend [who walked every show and will remain nameless] just shrugged and told him he "missed out." (He refused an interview via being too much of a "star").

T: “How’s Milan?”
RG: “It’s very Victorian.”

T: “Italian girls?"
RG: “Bellas!”

T: "Do you even care about fashion?"
RG: "Well duh-I'm wearing a tie!"

T: “You’re from Brooklyn, how’s Milan fashion versus New York fashion?”
RG: “New york is full of clowns!”

T: “Your favorite party?”
RG: “The Fendi party, that shit was crazy! Open bar, 1000 people waiting for the bathroom and these yellow lights that heat you up. I got a tan!”

(The Fendi Party courtesy Dennison Bertram):

T: “How do you feel about girls throwing themselves at you all week?”
RG: “Well apparently I wouldn't know! But there’s no desperation in groupies. We’re on the same page.”

T: “Do you like italian food?”
RG: “I’ve eaten pizza every single day I’ve been here. “Fashion Pizza” by central station.” 

No matter how much I begged him he wouldn't take a picture in front of McDonald's. I guess Americans don't appeciate what they have till it's gone.


  1. I've heard about people peeing on the dancefloor at Fendis'party. And also about violent fights between teenage models. The MMF sounds like an orgy without the cum with a terrible smell of fake channel n.5.

  2. his name is not Rosario but Russel...ihih :-P