Sunday, January 30, 2011

shuffle me

On the rare occasions I take Rihanna off "replay" I set my itunes to shuffle. It makes me feel spontaneous and reminds me of my extensive [horrid] taste in music.


1) "Peaches" the Stranglers
My mom bought me this album for my 16th birthday, which showed she loved and understood me. I showed I appreciated that by skiping class while listening to it.


2) "Sugar" Bikini Kill
I probably only bought this album to Look Cool in front of a boyfriend or something because I only ever listen to "Rebel Girl" and everything else stresses me out.

3) "Gucci Bandanna" Soulja Boy
I will only stop being obsessed with him when he turns 21. So I've still got a few more years.

4) "In the Ghetto" Elvis Presley
LOL beause Elvis singing about da Ghetto is like me singing about books.

5) "Crash N Burn" Savage Garden 
I liked these guys around the time I liked the Backstreet Boys (last year). I thought they all wrote their own music and were into girls.

5) "Centerfold" J. Gelis Band
This is one of those songs every girls hopes will be sung about her one day.

6) "Tropicalia" Beck
Still not sure how I feel about his music, mostly just envious of his complexion.

7) "Who's that Girl" Eve
From her "dark stripper past" to Gwen Stefani collaborations there's nothing not to love. (LOL at how high-tech that blood scene probably was back then #middleschool).

8) "Halfway There" the Skoidats
Even Ska can turn you into a Hippie if you aren't careful.

9) "Guilty of Being White" Minor Threat
I made a Minor Threat hoodie and met Ian MacKaye while wearing it. I'm convinced we had a "moment" and I will never stop telling myself that (or the judge trying to enforce my restraining order).

10) "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" Britney Spears
I thought it was pretty pathetic when that old washed-up brunette tried to cover this.

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