Sunday, February 13, 2011

La Sarta

My friends have been wondering where I am.

(And by "friends"I mean the construction workers on my street).

When I tell them I'm "preparing for exams" they assume "exams" is a a new afterparty.

So I'm gonna give yall some proof.

I've been working on a Classy Collection with Pleather, Lace, Latex and Animal Print.

I want to be the personification of Cruella Deville meets Pretty Woman.

Top- Latex; Skirt- Faux Fur 

The trick is to find the cheapest fabrics, add some zippers (#punksnotdead) and leave hems and seams unfinished.

Dress-Latex and Lace
School Teacher meets S&M

Dress- Lace and Lace (completely transparent) 
Figure Skater meets Stripper

 Skirt- Latex
Demure meets Easy Access

Top- Latex
Club Kid meets Baby Spice

Top and Skirt- Faux Leather 
Dominatrix meets Business Meeting

Top- Latex and lace
Sportswear meets Haus Party

There's more but I'm still at Sara's Haus and feel uncomfortable taking so many pictures of myself while they're studying (on facebook).

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