Tuesday, February 15, 2011

rude awakening

Today [in a moment of weakness] I bought some "Mozzarella Bufala" for lunch.

As I was searching the container for Nutritional Information (calories), I noticed a picture of a buffalo.

"That's Weird." 

Then it hit me-Mozzarella Bufala is NOT just a softer, more delicious version of regular Mozzarella.

It comes. From. Buffalos.

I have been too dusgusted/busy vomiting to concentrate on anything else.

I can't even study (exams tomorrow) so I've been talking to Yulia about boys and how much it sucks when they "Respect" you.

She also showed me this video.

It reminds me of myself as a preteen, only at breakfast I would have given my Mom a kiss before leaving and would have made out with the skater instead of shooting blood at him.

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  1. where the regualar mozzarella is from baby?