Thursday, February 3, 2011

the ugly truth

Lying is essential when dealing with other people.

But it's important to be honest with yourself--even if The Truth is ugly:

"My professor won't leave his boyfriend [for me]."

"My boobs have stopped growing."

"I'll never fit into my old cheerleading uniform."

"I never had a cheerleading uniform."

"I'm over Lady Gaga."

It's true.
I never was a cheerleader. And ever since I saw Lady Gaga live I've avoided the subject. I told myself it was because I was "upset" over my concert experience (alone, nosebleed section) but really I was just in denial. Until I saw this:

(if he can admit it so can I)

Denial is the first step to self-harm and acceptance is the first step to finding a new celebrity to be obsessed with (Ke$ha?).

Lady Gaga represented a lot for me and we had a ton in common (underwear as outerwear, loser boyfriends).

Our time together was good but it's over. I must find a role model with a different attitude and maybe even flat shoes.

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