Monday, February 7, 2011

weekend in paradise

Hey yall what's up sorry I've been kind of "busy."
I'm looking for a Gaga Rebound and preparing for exams.

I've been "studying & sewing" at my friend Sara's Haus since Friday. Sara is Slovenian and she lives with two Romanians so I've really felt At Home (grainy coffee, rats for breakfast).

Sara is a Sewing Expert so she's helped me go from making one pocket per month to one dress per day:

She's literally saved my ass so I've been repaying her by eating all her chocolate, using her perfume, sleeping on her bed and raisng her hot water bill (nothing in life is free, guys).

I've got 7 exams to do, the first one starting on the 15th which is perfect because we all know I won't make it through Valentine's Day anyway.

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