Thursday, February 24, 2011

womens fashion we[ak]

The drunken haze I've been in the past few days means Women's Fashion Week is here.

Gucci: Silk and Seventeen-Year-Olds

Women's Fashion Week is all about taking drastic measures to distract yourself from the fact that beautiful teenage girls have possessed the city. So I've kept myself busy [drinking].

On Tuesday I DJd at Nike Stadium, aka put Nicki Minaj on repeat and made people bring me beer.

By midnight I was dancing on the counter of a cuban bar and socializing with the worst people in town.

pic Fabio Paleari
Yesterday I went to an event at SPIGA2, which was nice until some old lady stopped by and caused a scene.

Everyone was taking pictures of her, probably because she stole my haircut.

Later I had some Italian Cuisine

and went to the Gucci party, where this bitch in leather would NOT shut up about some new car she's getting.

Anyway I woke up this morning with cuts and bruises on what was my GOOD knee, so now I'm officially handicapped and will stay in the rest of the week.

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