Sunday, March 6, 2011

crumpets quiz

When I'm not painting my nails or looking in the mirror I take online quizzes for teenage girls.

I think quizzes are a great way to get in touch with your inner self,

learn the only three reasons a girl should have sex,

and what kind of guys you're into.

Although these quizzes are insightful and precise, they each only focus on one aspect of life (love, shopping, etc). I decided I should make one to cover everything.

Crumpets Lifestyle Quiz "Are you On the Right Track?"

1. On a Friday night you:

A) Go out and get wasted

B) Stay home and get wasted

C) Sext ex-boyfriends

D) Cry yourself to sleep

E) All of the above

2. At school you:

A) Hang out at the bar

B) Flirt with your professors

C) Watch Amber Rose videos

D) Nothing; you quit school to focus on your tumblr

E) All of the above

3. Your boyfriend:

A) Abuses you (physically and/or mentally)

B) Gave you an STD

C) Has never met you

D) Is gay

E) All of the above

4) Your Best Friend:

A) Is a drug dealer

B) Steals your money

C) Is dating your boyfriend

D) Is a cat

E) All of the above

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