Saturday, March 26, 2011

the underblog

There are two signs to "making it" as an artist.

1) Your stuff being sold at IKEA

2) Strangers talking shit

Saturday used to be my favorite day via "sleeping in" but now I just look forward to reading negative comments about Mondo Trasho .

My readers aren't happy; I must be doing something wrong.

I need some advice from yall; should I

a) Stop perpetuating stereotypes about "subcultures" (didn't know D&G had so many Goth fans)
b) Stop using Google Maps

c) Stop wearing black lipstick
d) Stop being a "poor example of fashion"


  1. stop being an exemple of fashion - stop being an exemple - just being an object

  2. really? I like it so much I had to email it to some friends.

  3. ...Im pretty sure it is because you are a drag queen, or a shrimp freak, or maybe just a runaway, or one of those jet setters, or a baby butch or maybe just one of those Hell Angels.

  4. Actually, I don't think you're wearing enough black lipstick. Start wearing it as eyeshadow and using it to cover up blemishes.