Thursday, May 12, 2011

Renn, Skinny Again

Everyone's Favorite Once-Anorexic-Turned-Plus-Sized-Model

ain't so Plus-Sized anymore.

Crystal Renn is known for many things (affair with Terry Richardson) but is most famous for her Fight Against Anorexia. (As described in her book; I read the parts with pictures).

Now [annoying] Press and Fashion Bloggers are "outraged" at Renn for "giving into her eating disorder" and are "worried for her health."

Are they right?

Has Renn betrayed her audience?

Does she Owe It To Us to stay Fat?

Who will follow her lead?

Is your self-esteem ruined?

Will you skip dinner tonight?

Replace underwear with stockings?

Start dating brunettes???

I just think yall are jealous.

Instead of hating Crystal let's just keep hating ourselves.

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  1. pretty sure I've spent the last hour reading your blog, and since i don't know you at all, I guess that qualifies me as a creepy stalker.
    which is cool and all. anyways, i just wanted to comment on something and say that i basically think your blog is perfect. can we please be internet friends?