Sunday, May 22, 2011

when boys ruin everything

Yall are watching too many Romantic Comedies and/or Internet Porn.

You think it's cool to come over at 5 am because you had a feeling I was "into you" or something (don't know what you're talking about)?

I don't even live here!

Sara only hasn't kicked me out already because she can't get out of bed.

We're watching American Dad.

No you wouldn't like it.

Ok, yes, I said you're hot and that I like your jacket.

I said maybe I'll come to your apartment tomorrow.

SO? I wink at everyone!

No you can't come in (I'm not even wearing makeup)!

You're pushing through the door-seriously?

At least take those horrible shoes off!

Really? Thanks, I got it in Paris!

Yeah, it's really comfortable.

No, I don't want any hash.

Because I don't want to smell like you.

Are you even speaking a language?

Why aren't you wearing your uniform?

Is that a chest tattoo?

It says "La Vita Loca?" Oh my god.

Please go, I have to sleep.

And I'll be keeping this jacket.

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