Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I met London-based curator David Dorrell during the Biennale while he was working on the Orientale Exhibition, 

John Giorno performance 

and probably a million other things [parties]. I asked the man behind “Venice Now” how he got in this scene over a bottle of whiskey at the notorious Bauer Bar.

T: “What is ‘Venice Now’?”

David: “’Venice Now’ is a new art initiative formed with my colleagues, artist Robert Montgomery, designer Alex Possati and art mayven Shwetal Ashvin Patel."

T: “I don't get it." 

David: "Our goal is to provoke new ways of responding to art.”

T: "How did it start?"

David: “Four years ago some friends and I created an illegal party in a secret room in the Bauer Hotel, dubbing it the “Independent Republic of the Bauer.” It was a big hit and everyone was talking about it, till I finally got a call from one of the hotel owners.”

T: “Jealz. What happened then?”

David: “We took over the secret room, held a press conference and now four years later some of us are involved in “Venice Now,” promoting shows and exhibitions at the Bauer during the Venice Biennale.”

T: “Cool. Would you ever live in Venice?”

David: “Id rather die Venice. “

T: “True dat. So I guess you like English girls over Italians?”

David: “I don’t think I like either, particularly. You can’t generalize about girls, that’s awful.”

T: “You’re right. So what’s your next project?”

David: “Invisible Insurrection. That means a kind of invisible revolt.”

T: “Against what?”

David: “The status quo.”

T: “And what will you wear when you accomplish this?”

David: “Pajamas.” 

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