Sunday, June 19, 2011

the reject

I've never really had to deal with rejection because I'm usually attracted to Losers (a "good catch" is any girl not covered in chicken grease or weed resin).

I usually only get "rejected" by guys I'm already dating, via them ignoring my [stalker] text messages or leaving me for their Girlfriend (which is fine because I'm probably cheating on them anyway).

Anyway, last night was weird.

Only the gays would talk to me, the cute boys wouldn't dance and when asked "what they're doing later" models would lie to me and say "home."

"You don't have a home."

Maybe it's because I was sweating all my makeup off or they'd already seen me kissing the Help but if things continue this way I don't know how I'll deal.

How do yall get through rejection?

When you start to feel down ("It's my hips, isn't it?" #clueless) or angry ("OH yeah?! That ain't what your brother said last night" #me) it's important to stay positive.

Everyone's running away from you? Fine!

Just means you can put all your energy into investigating where the waiter took those mini hot dogs. (And allowing yourself to eat them-nobody's seeing you naked tonight).

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