Tuesday, June 7, 2011

why is everybody so stupid

Before I write about how totally amazing Venice was (best week evs) there’s something more important to address.

I love gossip as much as anyone. What’s more fun than criticizing a girl’s wardrobe, spreading rumors about her sex life or talking shit about her appearance until you feel better about yours?

Gossip can bring people together, add drama to your life and even make idiots seem interesting. But it can also turn malicious.

I don’t want to get serious here, but it’s fucking 2011 and we still hate on girls for sexystuff. I won’t go into detail of how this came up (yall probably already know) but let me just say this:

Yes, it is important to “Respect Yourself” but what about your Desires?

Isn’t doing What You Want the highest form of Self-Respect?

Obviously this is assuming you aren’t hurting or exploiting other people, in which case why the hell should they care? Should you change how you act out of fear of being slammed by those who are obviously so boring they need to ensure the dullness of everyone around them just to feel better about themselves?

It’s fine to Gossip about someone’s actions--I’m usually the first one to do so.

Even exaggerate, call your grandma and send a tip to the tabloids! I admit most “gossip-worthy” [interesting] people actually crave that very attention. Just remember that sharing juicy information about someone is far different from judging her for it.

Shaming a girl for something she did just because you’re too much of a pussy to do it yourself and/or don’t think it agrees with your idea of a “lady” perpetuates every single terrible idea that has ever existed in the world.

So instead of ridiculing a girl’s behavior, why don’t you just ask her about it? If you’re lucky she might even teach you something ;)

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