Sunday, August 14, 2011

chick lit

I try to avoid getting sick in Italy. 

Their "Free Healthcare" is mafia-funded, the Nurses wash their hands in tomato sauce and no matter what you say, the Doctors give you advice I'd only expect from my Croatian Grandmothers:

"I have a fever." 

"Avoid cold drinks."

"My ears are bleeding." 

"Don't wash your hair."

"My leg is swollen."

"Wear socks."

That's why I save my sickness for America. The past few summers here I've suffered swine flu, emergency surgery and even skinnyfat-and this summer is no exception. I've been in bed the past few days with symptoms webMD tells me are either related to Asthma or AIDS-and I think I'm also hallucinating. 

But I'm happy because I'm here with my parents and I've finally had time to watch TV. 

I caught up on Jersey Shore (really sad they chose Florence over Milan; could have finally had some friends there), Russian Dolls (my future) and obviously the Kardashians.

I really love the K gurls because they represent everything a family should be-full of money/dysfunctional marriages and centered around an ass.

Speaking of which, the gurls are coming out with a novel-and it's about time!

According to Kim's blog, the book will be about the sisters' real lives mixed with extra fictional details to add a little spice-this way the readers can figure out for themselves what's true and what's not! And that's not the only way readers are involved-the gurls even let them pick out the title! 

I think the Kardashian sisters represent the future of Literature. I've pre-ordered 10 copies from Amazon and personally can't wait to wonder if their makeup advice, party pix (there will be pictures) and incest sex stories are real! 

Till then gonna catch up with as many episodes as possible and hope whatever disease I have makes me illiterate.

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