Thursday, August 18, 2011


So this is kind of an extension of yesterday's post because it's about how I will get famous enough to eventually have clothing brands paying me off to not shame them.

Last night I watched "A Piece of Work," the Joan Rivers documentary.

Before this I only knew Joan as the woman who made fun of people at red carpet events. I kind of figured she was somebody's ex-wife and got the gig as settlement.

Anyway after 5 mins of this I realize she was/is this brilliant comedienne (that word is so dumb, not using it again) this brilliant comedian who talked about sex and abortions back when people got killed for whispering the word "vagina."

And she's still totally hilarious.

I know now what I need to do. 

I love "performing" and being the center of attention-that's why you'll find me dancing on the bar of whatever party/wake I'm attending and why I don't have any friends. 

I've always wanted to be in the "spotlight" but I'm a terrible singer (the one time I did karaoke w/my friend Nono we got literally thrown into the streets and not just because we were throwing up everywhere), a hopeless actress (6th grade school play I was cast as a reindeer for an xmas show, fucked it up) and don't have the boobs to strip. So this is actually kind of perfect.

And if (when) I fail at this, at least it will be funny (haha). 

Would yall watch me?