Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Sorry, guys! It's so hard to find the time to write when I'm just being overwhelmed by compliments on my new hair color!

OK I Googled JT Leroy and I think he/she's a fictional character which means whoever it is MIGHT be hot! Oh, but he said "MOTHER OF..." meaning the only way this could be taken well is if JT Leroy is an unborn fetus of a teenager, in which case, thanks Fabs, compliment taken!

Oh wait.

Google Translate this and try not to cry.

Why are all the Fabios hating??? Is it because they're just jealz of me/the original, way hotter (also blonde) Fabio? Or is it cuz they're dudes and don't get anything about beauty/fashion?

Anyway who cares, this just brings me to my point.

I feel a bit dumb writing about anything except for the #LONDONRIOTS right now so I'll keep this one short.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a Feminist.

In fact, I open most conversations with "You know I'm a Feminist, but" because I open most conversations with something about how I actually really love "The Simple Life" or am dating a guy who's mean to me.

Anyway, today I read this great article on how countries where women are treated more equally to men happen to be those where everyone gets laid more often (duh)!

I think it's pretty dumb there even had to be a study done on this-obviously any place where women are allowed education/work and therefore "value" outside of their sexuality will also be a place where women can use that sexuality as they please. It also means that in this place men will be more likely to have respect for the women they "bone" and not call them "whores" the morning after or something.

Meanwhile, in countries where girls are taught to protect (hide) their sexuality because that's all they can really "offer" to the world, it becomes more "sought-after" via supply/demand, which is why men there will spend their whole lives "supporting a woman" just to "cum" or whatever.

Anyway, the article is pretty straightforward and OBVIOUS, if you ask me, which is why the comments surprised me:

LOL I love the Caveman Reference! Especially when it's used to defend rape.

Orygun Duck watches too many Hoover ads, featured mostly during the now-cancelled All My Children.

I'm sure MacRoni looks stunning in those sloppy cargos.

90's grunge band Flying Goat should know better than to talk shit on a rapper.

Haha, me too!

OMG True! Because women in America are still payed like a thousand times less than men but that's probably because we're too distracted at work via taking yalls children away from you and refusing to fight in wars we don't start?

Yall get the point-I'd post more but I have this conditioning mask in which I need to take out before bed because I mean, yall know I'm a Feminist, but my hair comes first.

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