Monday, September 26, 2011


I think I've told yall already I live across the street from a 
~Military School For Boys~
Boys that I am obsessed with-because not only are they cute (they are soooo cute) but they soothe me with their marching, give me a reason to get out of bed and always supply me with fantasies-so we're basically in a relationship. The only problem is we've never met. So when I heard DSquared would be having their show inside the Academy I had to find a way in. And I did, thanx to this guy!

The backstage was boring, as usual, save for this Sexy Bleeding Slovenian,

so after eating some diet cookies and watching models brush their hair I decided to stalk find my Men.

These [old] guys were happy to pose for pix and answer my questions, like, "do yall know I'm stalking you?" and "where are all the boys?" They told me the "kids" are working but they'll introduce me to them when I want-"Just ring us any morning and we'll have you over for coffee."

Great, see yall tomorrow!