Wednesday, September 21, 2011

pretend you live in a different country you don't actually live in

Since back from London I seem to be going through some kind of Quarter-Life-Crisis which involves me deciding that I hate everybody and throwing away anything that reminds me of Stuff I Want To Forget-so now I live in an empty room and don't have any friends.

Let's face it yall, if I wanna make it through my Last Year Here [alive] I've got to organize my time wisely and set some realistic goals.

Milan-The Dramatic Depressed Girl's Survival Guide 2011:

1) Sleep
I used to be pretty against sleep because it interfered with my party schedule and kept me from achieving my Junkie Aesthetic. However when your reality is something you want to ignore and when you're too broke to support a hardcore drug habit, REM is the only way. Stay in bed every chance you get and don't get out for less than money or a date with a soldier.

2) Travel
I'm trying to think of Milan as a storage place for my shoes while I wander off to other countries, preferably those without any phone lines or internet service or return tickets.

3) Fun
If yall find that here let me know.

4) Distractions
Today I decided to sign up for Netflix so I can spend any waking minute behind my computer screen watching melodramatic films about girls who hate themselves. But:

5) Self-Improvement
Lots of people didn't recognize me with my new hair and by "lots of people" I mean the old guy that works at the print shop. I've decided to invent an alter-ego to do my daily bidding for me while my subconscious sits back and wallows in self-pity. My alter-ego will be much like Sasha Fierce only with less hair extensions/dancing skills.

6) Socializing


  1. U are totally crazy.And I like it,u make me laught a lot...I've spent years and years watching (what everybody calls) stupid movies about girls in high school that are ugly then they take off the glasses and they became sooooooo pretty and get the most beautiful guy of the school...watching laguna beach,then the hills,then the city,now the terrible one about audrina...and in all this years I had this idea in my head about how the tipical american girl should be....AND YOU ACTUALLY ARE.

  2. try, it´s like netflix but free and it works all around the world.

  3. All you need is a copy of the film Mean Girls, and as for socialising, the only friends you need are Ben and Jerry. :)