Friday, September 23, 2011

stalker pt 2-the meeting

In addition to my mayj long eyelashes and extensive knowledge of the X-Files series I think one of my finest qualities is my proneness to obsession.

Like when I buy a new lipstick color I shape my wardrobe around it, when I  like a popstar I base my personality on the advertisement for whatever moisturizer they endorse and when I have a crush on a boy I devote all of my time to stalking and crying about him and building a shrine of his face in my closet or whatever. And the same thing goes for Gays.

I looooove falling for Gay Boys because my relationships with them usually involve me getting makeovers, fashion advice and tips on how to use lube. And I sometimes do legit fall in love with them which obviously always ends tragically and is therefore totally chic.

Anyway, thanks to internet creeping, I finally hung out with Polish Superstar and Facebook Hate-Crime Victim Filip Adrian Dziegielewski who has been previously featured in this video of him eating ice cream in our school's cafeteria.

I'm sure Filip and I are meant for each other because we have tons of things in common like difficult last names, a preference for professors and habit of being featured in sketchy magazines via sketchier photographers, usually without our permission. We've always run in the Wrong Circles, only not yet together-and I'm glad that's going to change. Because, when Filip isn't busy shoplifting cheese from the supermarket and eating Burger King flavored chips or drawing weird pictures of Marc Jacobs he spends most of his time pAArtying so is obvz gonna be a positive influence on me!

I said I was gonna say "NO" to Fashion Week but if it involves getting trashed with Cubans, crashing Fendi parties and harassing stuck-up Russians then I guess it's ok.

PS- Sorry Daytona, don't be jealz <3


  1. i've just fallen in love! ... again, like 874837842739 time this weekend

  2. btw he looks like Tomasz Kot but so much hotter haha lol


  4. This is a reply for Daytona: