Sunday, October 16, 2011


I've been told that "good artists borrow ideas and great artists steal them," which I guess is true, because @AnnaDelloRusso has totally been copying me on her blog via spying on my old Facebook profile pictures. 

Gurl if you need tips just text me!

Anywayz, looking through her stuff reminded me that my blog needs a total re-vamping. I mean, I'm blonde now, my banner should be blonde, too, right? 

I think the Blonde Salad is so Innovative. She's basically the future of fashion and feminism, as her boyfriend only exists to take photos of her and she wears clothes that are actually totally unavailable to the general public. 

Bryan Boy's banner is pretty chic too. It's like, Minimal and Classy. The only thing I'd suggest to change is the font-to Comic Sans.

Actually, what am I saying? We all know there really is only One Blog

Perez is really great because he goes out of his way to make people feel really good about themselves via drawing "ambiguous white spots" on their faces and pointing to flaws and calling them fat losers and stuff.

I don't know which banner to choose guys can yall help me out?