Wednesday, October 5, 2011

from paris w/cream

My last few days in Paris have been kind of major and by major I mean majorly traumatic-I basically left Yulia and Daytona in tears today-and not just cuz I've stolen their clothes. 
The truth is we've all had the #BestWeekEver and it's kinda hard leaving that for #ReaLife.
Anyways yesterday was kinda interesting because I wanted to see the Eiffel Tower but Yulia was in class and Daytona was looking at himself in the mirror so I had to go alone so I obviously got lost and ended up on the wrong train which was actually headed towards Germany and so after like twenty minutes all of the passengers suddenly turned into Russian War Criminals and I was forced to join a gang by the time I got off and when I finally found a train to go back to Paris it actually was again in the wrong direction so by lunch time I was in Japan and atomic bombs were exploding everywhere and I started growing extra limbs and had to find my way back via some zombie babie who would not stop kicking my leg as I sat across him but I couldn't say anything because I was worried his sleeping mother would punch me. By the time I got back to the Champs Eleyzees it was  already time to go out and because it was my Last Night it was supposed to be about Us Gurls or whatever but I was like "sorry I'm ditching yall for a boy I just fell in love with at Starbucks instead."


  1. that sweaty picture of you guys in the club, tea, you LOOK SO FIERCE/FAB/TINY/DRUNK i love it

  2. Why isn't there any video footage of the whole "welcome to the jungle" conversation??? I mean......