Saturday, October 8, 2011

the night we missed the peaches show because we're homeless losers

Peaches led me through two years of Mountain Living in Boone, NC, back when I wore jeans and sneakers, bathed in snow, was in love with a Skater and hung out with Smart Girls who wear sweaters and don't ever shave. In retrospect, those were two of the best years of my life and therefore Peaches will always be special. But it wasn't till last night that I had a chance to see her, playing at Tunnel Club in Milan. My friend Filip agreed to go with me.

We were both pretty exited about her all day, even in the morning when we had to do a photoshoot in a cave in a hotel room in Torino and especially in the evening, when we had drinks at Pravda (I asked them for a job, should I work there?) and eventually at Filip's place, where we had to make a pitstop to listen to Lady Gaga and change into something #couture, aka a blanket as a coat for Filip and a China Town t-shirt for me (not pictured).

Anywayz, by midnight we decide to take Bus 90 to Tunnel which Filip assures me will only be "a thousand stops." (Note: only those of yall in Milan will understand what Bus 90 means-the rest of yall should just imagine a cross between Silence of the Lambs, Final Destination and the Godfather II). We bring a bottle of Pink Drink with us, sit down and get cozy, excited for our night ahead. I put my head on his shoulder.

Two hours later.

I wake up to the loud caughing of a man, the screaming of a lady and a pain in my head. I turn to find Filip. He's still beside me, holding my hand, head hanging like that of a Junkie-and when I nudge him awake, he says,

"I want to die inside."

So we get off the bus, take a taxi home and decide to call it a night. We decide we not only saw Peaches but we met her, gave her some makeup tips and were invited back to her place. We'll be touring with her in Japan next year and are currently working on our tracks for her album. Also we've decided being homeless ain't so bad.

But being alcoholic is.


  1. your life without me will forever be depressing fat cow

  2. Hilarious! Don't people call the 90 the 'rape bus'? -dennison