Monday, October 31, 2011

PS- HELP ME, 911

A friend told me the other day that my blog looks "too cheap" and I think he might be right. I mean, I want it to look cheap in a chic way, not "a 9 year old made it" way, unless that 9 year old is Tavi. Can someone please help me? How can I make Crumpets more Chanel? Are any of you good at this kind of thing? Should I also change my banner? Replace the background with pictures of him? : 

Help me guys please!!!


  1. White background is very minimalist YSL. Also change le font to something more intellectual. You're using a font kids in elementary school use for their assignments. I used to use this font back in highschool, as soon as I changed to Times New Roman my grades started rising. Its a psychological fact that fonts shape the attitude in which a people reads the whatever. I would also suggest adding curves to your page. #Symmetry. So like the archive and profile on one of the sides. Also Paris Hilton's been out for about 4 years now. So PLEASE change that hideous pink. #Pastel colors. Also I've stalked you on facey before, you have much hotter pics which could work better for your banner. #more skin.
    Work it girl.

  2. be true to yourself, you are cheap ;)

  3. i dont think you are cheap at all! just change the font & the picture.

  4. keep it the way it is. it's part of your blog's charm. after all, you don't want it to look like every other white chick's tumblr. also tacky fonts and colours make your writing look ironic which is so hot right now. fuck times new roman, you're totally chanel already.