Thursday, October 27, 2011

RIP Finalcut

So in light of (dark of?) working this weekend/monday Filip and I celebrated Halloween yesterday via buying the most ~expensive~ pink Tavernello, going to an Art Exibition to stalk a professor I'm maybe in love with and then to a bar to stalk a Romanian guy I'm kind of in love with too. The bar is called "Planet 50," and it's basically a mix of the "Oops I Did It Again" video and S.A.R.S. They serve little cardboard squares of pizza and think it's really embarrassing when a cute blonde Croatian girl is dancing and leans on something and actually somehow falls and takes half of the bar down with her? Whatever. We couldn't afford costumes so we just went as Craigslist Ads. Also we wanted to watch Scary Movies but I spent any time we had around computers trying to figure out why FinalCut sucks so much more than iMovie. I'm literally never using it again.

Happy Halloween, Yall. I hope you have lots of fun but please don't tell me if you do because I will be jealz and de-friend you. 

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