Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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So my last  ~model interview~ was recently published on Swide: 

and watching it made me nostalgic-I haven't been around Talking Biceps in a while, aside from the guy on my street who sells paninis-but he always smells like mozzarella, which is only hot when I'm starving (#always). Anyways, here's Sam basically proposing to me and me being like "Sorry David Gandy already put a ring on it but you can be my secret lover."

After seeing this I obvz had to go back and obsess over re-watch my other interviews and in doing so, I read some pretty major comments, which I'd like to address here.

When did Youtube watchers get so smart? I feel like finally someone ~gets me~ and yes, I agree, I should work for the Oscars, I'm just waiting for Hollywood's call.

Monotone? You've obvz never watched/based your entire life/personality on Daria. So I kinda feel bad for you.


 Aww, not only do I have fans, but I seem to also have stalkers! #howdidyouknow 

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