Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Daytona

After having Some Guy tell me I have ugly hands and can't write I decided the only thing I can post next is a Review on something someone else has done because my ideas suck. So obviously I chose to write about Breaking Dawn. Filip and I found it on streaming tonight and were so excited when the opening credits started that we basically held each other and cried for like fifteen minutes-until we realized that it's terrible. Bella doesn't wear any nail polish to her own wedding, 

she ruins her Dior for H&M dress in the grass, the sex scene only lasts for like five seconds and you don't even see Edward's ass! So we kind of just stopped watching and cooked a weird Polish Dinner instead.

After we wanted to watch My Name Is Earl but Megavideo said we exceeded our limit so out of desperation we just made Daytona write stories for us and they're actually better than any movie out right now so consider yourselves lucky: 

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