Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dance Dance Resolution

When I was a Freshman in High School I fell in love with a shy boy with long shiny hair and fair features who looked like an Elf from Lord of the Rings. His name was Lat and he was a Genius but he didn't know how to "act cool" and didn't play sports and didn't try to hit on me so obviously I had to have him. I began sitting at his Lunch Table in the cafeteria where him and his friends would play with Cards and talk about Dungeons and Dragons and after a few weeks of pretending to be interested in it they invited me over to play. My Mom dropped me off early one Saturday Morning so he could "teach me the rules of the game before his friends come over" which I obviously thought meant "make out in his basement" but when I showed up he actually did spend like four hours explaining the rules of Dungeons and Dragons and why it's better to be a Troll than an Elf even though they're uglier or whatever and I was too busy staring at his perfect pale face to pay attention and he was too busy trying to make me pay attention to notice my panty-sized shorts. The situation was obviously hopeless but I was persistent and went to his house every Saturday for a few months and even tried to actually play until I realized that Lat would never love me (or be my Dungeon Master) so I kind of stopped talking to him and started dating punk boys and being "edgy" again and kind of forgot all about my Geek Past-until this weekend in Paris. Like, I won't blame not blogging on having no internet because we all know iPads are really easy to steal so the truth is I just haven't felt like it cuz I've been too busy w/DDR. 

Arcades are really cool, guys. Like, hot boys go there, the food is delicious and the music is usually great. Plus you don't have to name drop to get in or fear Riccardo Tisci following you into the toilet or Anna Dello Russo stealing your coat or whatever. 


  1. Borderline irrelevant, but you have killer legs!

  2. lolz i do have great legs but im not in these vids! ;)

  3. Awkward... Thought that was you... I stand by my statement anyways!