Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's a tough world that we live in today-full of heartbreak and loneliness, loss and humiliation, depression and drunk texts. But lets try to ignore that today because today I have a heartwarming story about a Boy, his Farm Animal Friend and the Power Of Facebook. 

It all started about a week ago-just as I was trying on my new Versace for H&M by Natasha Slater dress I got this wall post describing a new Friend Named Pueblo who Daytona has gotten close to while living on a farm in Canada to research new types of wool for Alexander McQueen:

I was jealous of happy for Daytona and his new BF-until things turned sour. 

So we dealt with this the best way we could-with Photoshop Art (don't know what's 911 in Canada anyway pretty sure they don't have phones).


Desperate times call for desperate measures. And speaking of desperate, after my twentieth night in a row coming home crawling after "one glass of wine" last night I turn on my computer to keep my hands away from my phone and just when I start Google Searching "Strangers With Candy Winona Ryder Episode Free Streaming" I see this:

Are you crying yet? 


  1. I hope they don't make lamb chops put of him =((

  2. This guy is hot. Why havn't I had his dick in my mouth yet?

  3. Very charming story... Almost made me cry.
    I wanna have my own goat. Sooo bad.