Wednesday, November 2, 2011

what to do if your coffee bear spills

So just when I thought things couldn't get worse I spill coffee all over my laptop. 

My Macbook and I have been together forever and we're very deeply in love so yall can imagine how much this hurts me-not to mention I've got my whole life on there-everything from my Writing to FB Chat Blackmail Screenshots to PhotoBooth Pix of My Nails! 

Now I'm using a huge old-school Mac my Mom gave me when she upgraded to an iPad5000 or whatever but it's so heavy I basically need to call a limousine just to bring it anywhere and the screen is so big I'm afraid to use it in public via people seeing me stalking their boyfriends or researching if someone's finally invented zero calorie mayo yet! I really need my Macbook back but no matter how hard I Rice It it still doesn't turn on! My Mom suggested I get Professional Help so of course I opened Google. "What to do if you spill coffee on your laptop" should give me solutions, right? 

Like are these legit questions? I can answer them for yall: 1) Gold Teeth 2) Blog it 3) Yell,"Fat!" 4) Twitpic it. Jeez, people! Moving on:

What to do if YOUR bored? How about learn some grammar? #LOLZ! No but seriously, I had to check that last one out and actually found a great video: 

And after doing everything on their list I continued:

Wait-what DO you do if you spill coffee on your shirt? I don't really wear shirts but if I did I'd like to know!! Click on it!

Now I think I am having a seizure-who still uses fluorescent lights? Where was that advice again? 

Am I the only one who expected this to turn into a porno? 

Someone please help me out. 


  1. mine died... but could save the info and took out the hard drive and used it as an external drive, bought a new one and have constantly nightmares of it happening again.. TRAUMA

  2. i didn´t think you were such a bitch to make jokes about people having seizures. That disappoints me!

  3. dude i'm not actually making fun of people having seizures-just how dumb the internet is. plz don't be disappointed. ily <3