Thursday, December 1, 2011


It's the First Day Of December and yall know what that means! Time to send in more invoices that will never get answered, time to start wearing socks with your sandals and most importantly time to start thinking about what to get me for my Birthday! (December 20th #neverforget ask for my shipping address via It also means I'm starting to think of what I'm gonna get my ~Friends~ for the Holidays, and in light of my Current Unemployment I've decided to go DIY-think Martha Stewart meets Strangers With Candy I'll be doing several of these DIY XMAS Posts so start taking notes-Part One Starts With Yulia:

Yulia's Facebook Picture has a bear head in it so I figured I should get her something involving a Panda (Pandas are chicer than Grizzlies because they're Asian). I found this Panda Eraser for 50 cents which I think was pretty lucky because who even uses erasers anymore? It's basically vintage and on the back it says "Designed By Korea," who, if I remember correctly, just graduated from Marangoni and now works for Lagerfeld. 

Yulia also enjoys painting her nails so I got two new Nail Polishes for 2 Euros Each, which I'll use to make my gift (Yulia won't get to actually keep them).

Have yall heard of this "Catherine Arley" brand? I think it was exclusively sold at La Rinascente for a while so again, this is a lucky find. 

We're starting this process via something I learned on Nip/Tuck aka taking his face off (don't worry yall it pops right back in). This way I'll be able to embellish the eyes/ears without ruining his complexion!

Next we'll be painting Panda's Body with the Pearl Pink Polish to give him a sexy shine. (Be sure to do this on your laptop so you ruin it because nothing says "I love you" like "this is all your fault and you owe me a thousand bucks").

Finally, customize Panda with a "Y" for her name "Yves Saint Laurent." 

Merry Christmas, Yulia. Anyway you're Jewish so Who Cares.

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