Friday, December 2, 2011


For this edition of DIY XMAS I'll be making a gift for Daytona. 

Daytona lives on a Farm now which means that when he's not busy crying or stalking people with ~Real Lives~ on Facebook he's preparing tons of food for his Farm Animal Friends. I wanna make his life a little easier so I'm going to customize an Animal Farm Cheese Grater for him, and add some stars in honor of this season's Dolce&Gabbana! Let's get started-Here's what you'll need:

1) Cheese Grater (1.50 Euro)

2) Star Stickers (1.50 Euro)

3) Pink Stencil (1.00 Euro)

4) Black Paint Pen (Free)

So first we star the shit outa that bitch! Make sure to also cover the parts where cheese and meat is supposed to come out of.

Next we are going to try to use the Stencil to write "Daytona" on the Grater and realize the letters are too big for it and that the paint slides off the metal 

so then we're gonna have a psychotic breakdown via Marry The Night only instead of getting famous from it we're just gonna get our shit together and find a piece of paper and decide to use the Stencil to make a DIY XMAS CARD instead.

Merry XMAS Daytona!

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  1. If I get naked and stick star stickers on my body will I be as fashionable as this grater?