Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Just as I was beginning to hope this year would be full of great illegally downloaded television shows, I realized that Two Broke Girls sucks without Chestnut,

New Girl's based on my life (what's the point)

and American Horror Story is completely unwatchable unless you're Jeffrey Dahmer (what's wrong with you people).

And considering I just finished the entire Strangers With Candy series I was almost convinced I'd have to suffer re-watching Sex and the City until I came across this gem:


It's like Jersey Shore meets America's Next Top Model, only it's set in Dublin, which I'm pretty sure my High School Geography teacher told me is in Romania but then again I was always too busy skipping class to "buy him coffee" (#MrCraig #ForeverYours). Anyway I wanted to find out more so I looked up "Tallafornia," to see if it's an actual thing or just something the show's creative director Heidi Klum decided would sound "spunky" or whatever:

Cool! Here's the First Episode : It starts as most Reality Shows do, via the Girls getting the Pink Room,

the Boys fisting each other 

and everyone trying to "score." 

Things quickly progress into slumber parties, 


eating disorders, 

body dysmorphia 

and homoerotic fun. 

See yall next week! 


  1. The dude taking his shirt off in the "homoerotic fun" his arm SUPPOSED to look like a large, erect penis? Or am I just fucked in the head?

  2. lol sad/cool(?) that i live like 15 minutes away from there