Sunday, February 12, 2012


Last week I got a message on Facebook from a guy named Ludovico who is a fashion designer best known for his red hair who said he really likes my videos, that they're pretty "avant garde" and that he wants me to perform at his party. I told him I'm not a performance artist and he was like "yes you are" and I was like "like when" and he was like "like when you got kicked out of Plastic for stripping on stage" and I was like "well that's not a performance, that's my life." But I agreed to do it anyway and I asked Filip if he would do it with me because I guess we're like a "collective" or something I mean basically I don't even pee without him, anyway I guess people always see us destroying parties and getting thrown out of places and getting wasted together or whatever so I figured the best thing to do would be to dress hella conservatively and read everyone some books. We also brought cheeseburgers. Unfortunately there's no video ~that I know of~ but my friend Glauco took some pics:

I don't think people really understood the performance and by understood I mean liked and I'm pretty sure nobody will ever want us back again and it's probably because I should have listened to my Mom who said "if you really wanna surprise your audience, just don't get drunk for once, they won't be able to believe it."

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