Sunday, February 19, 2012


This week will be an Emotional Roller Coaster, like, I have my period, four more exams to pass and a trip to Florida to plan. But not to worry-I bought two packs of tampons yesterday, already aced three tests last week and am getting a new bikini tomorrow. But I don't have much time to write-just showing yall this lil article about me in Notion Magazne- I don't remember what I said here but I do know whatever it is upset my Mom but what else is new. (I don't actually have it, this picture was sent to me so if anyone wants to mail me a copy that would be rly metal). 

Anyways yall can read the whole magazine HERE while I just excuse myself to the bathroom.


  1. wowww congrats ^^ love your blog header, honey! ^^ come visit my blog and follow me if u want :D will really2 appreciate it! :D thanks!

  2. so much love for you and your responses in that article. tampons SHOULD be free! we are going to meet and be friends one day i know it xxx