Saturday, March 3, 2012


There was a short time in my Prime when I could walk into any bar or pharmacy or nursing home and just wink or smile or breathe and pick up anyone I wanted and now I guess I'm just the type of girl guys hang out with till they meet their wives. 

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  1. i like the way u blog, i think your thinkings are right, the conclusion not.
    at first meet everybody get an impression. you look different, just because u like yourself as you are, and maybe people get the wrong message.
    eg. if u meet a man in dress code suit and tie you may think about a boring one, but u can realize he's a funny one besides work.
    maybe u need to meet a boy/man with I.Q. 4+ ( 4 is a frog! :P) to understand the difference between easy girl from eclettic one.
    you're right, girls have to share ideas and say what they wan't.. don't they already do this? :D
    have fun and keep up the blog :)