Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hey yall sorry it's been a while-I'm with my Family in NC this week after a few ~Hot&Heavy~ days in Florida which taught me that:

1) Italians steal from Flight Attendants.

2) Americans don't like Thieves  Italians.

3) Both of them hate me. 

4) Nothing tastes as good as being wasted on an empty stomach feels.

5) Nothing feels as good as tasting Italian.

6) Nothing tastes as good as stealing from Bars.

7) You don't need a new American Apparel Bikini when you have OVS Underwear.

8) Mannequin Hookers are lonely. 

9) Pretending to read books attracts attention from gays, children. 

10) That is not a Pepsi.

11) Italians think "Leo from Titanic" is a look.

12) Americans think "Lots More" is a food.

13) Croatians think they're cute. 

14) They think they're like Sasha Grey.

15) They think they're Lady "It's not an Egg it's a Vessel" Gaga.

16) They think they're Lindsay "I'm clean and sober" Lohan. 

17) They think they're all goddamn Pamela "I love cats more than humans" Anderson. 

18) People from Italy want to get laid.

19) People from Switzerland don't.

20) There's no point going to Disney World when you have Cartoon Network in your room and also all Ducks are Assholes.