Wednesday, March 28, 2012


So I just got back from London to see that my New Column's up at Swide:

After like ten months of ~negotiating~ we finally agreed I could write for them again if I basically stop writing about myself and under the condition that they choose the title, which in my opinion sounds like something that would come on public access television sometime before Oprah (I wanted the column to be called "Village Virus" or "We Came Here To Leave" but I guess those aren't D&G Friendly) but it's cool cuz I'll try to contrast all that via adding pictures of my butt or whatever. 

My first article is about the super amazing, super hot Francesco Merlini, a photographer famous in Milan for his mustache :) 

PS- There's only a few days of March Madness left and I'm gonna do as many last requests as possible-stay tuned :@) 


  1. i still want to see "a day in the life of tea". come on!!!