Thursday, April 12, 2012


As yall know I've been traveling a lot lately which means I've had lots of time to read on trains and in airplanes and while hiding in the bathrooms of the apartments of whoever I'm visiting while they have sex. Anyway, I'm going to Croatia next week and need a new book for that trip but I just spent the last of my money on onions (going on an onion diet to get rid of my Tuscany weight #hateyoufilip) so I've been looking through my old ones: 


  1. god dammit, I'm reading tender is night and i totally didn't pause so now it's ruined. god dammit. but whatever i forgive cause i'd fuck u (I'm a girl but whatevs)

  2. The glasses really look intelligent and sexy on you! And all the black minimalist stuff you're wearing, too. I'm seeing a new Tea here and I love her (even more)