Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So yesterday I was interviewed for Class TV which is some Italian Satellite channel I haven't watched because I don't own a TV so I Googled it and didn't find much about it either meaning it's probably just made-up but anyway these putas wanted me to talk about my writing/sex life/dating/whatevz and they told me to wear something "particular" so I dressed like an 18 Year Old Girl going to a New Jersey Prom and answered a bunch of Personal Questions I'll probably regret answering but at least my Italian is bad so probz nobody will understand.

They also took me to some Concept Store and got me to try on these clothes that made my T&A look really good but they were expensive so I asked the store owners what would happen if I just ran out of the store and they said they'd shoot me.

And when I took the clothes off I felt depressed. 

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  1. Really interesting!
    Where or when we can see your performance?