Monday, July 16, 2012


Hey Y'all! I'm in London after having a pretty dramatic travel experience via having a salad and a weird coffee drink before my flight which didn't really mix well so when I sat down in the airplane I realized I'd probably get diarrhea and then I realized I probably already had it but when I tried to get up the flight attendant didn't wanna let me use the bathroom because the seat belt signs were still on and I was like BUT IT'S AN EMERGENCY and she was like BUT THESE ARE THE RULES and I was like I'LL SHOW YOU RULES and whatever anyway somehow I got here and went to sleep immediately because spending an entire airplane ride in the toilet is exhausting but then yesterday I went to a beauty supply shop and got a new wig and makeup and nail polish and now I kinda look like your Spanish Aunt or that Lady Who Gave You STDs or like Tyra Banks or The Nanny.

Then today I watched the new Breaking Bad episode with my Facebook Friend Recently Turned Real Life Friend, Devonte Hynes, best known for his Google Search Results 

and his ~Music~

and after we watched Breaking Bad together I felt really close to him so we talked about whats Important To Us so I talked about Lady Gaga and it turns out he's never seen "Marry The Night" so I made him watch it for the first time and I told him that if he wants to be a musician he has to like it and then our friend Matthew made fun of me for saying that because apparently he Already Is A Musician but if he hasn't seen that video yet then obviously not. 

So far he says it's OK.

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  1. I remember playing Galaxy of The Lost at open mic in a small pub in Worcestershire. One guy at the back was like YEAH. the rest not so much.
    Please tell Dev I still listen to that album.