Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Back when I was young and living in an innocent time when cell phones were only used as fantastic props in films like MIB and Clueless and The Night At The Roxy, my way of making guys talk to me was asking them for The Time. This way I could not only start a conversation but see immediately what kind of money they're blowing on their wrists, #ifyouknowwhatimean. It was an easy way to flirt with dudes before I learned to just ask them for cigarettes or whatever. However, now I don't smoke anymore and now I don't know how to pick up guys because now everybody who is anybody or actually just anyone who's alive has a cell phone and therefore if you ask somebody what time it is they think you're poor, but not even poor, because even poor people have the new iPhone. So, they just think you're a psycho and nobody really likes psychos but at least because watches are so useless now, that's what makes them #chic #to #death.


  1. gurl i can't understand shit but tell me all your lip secrets

  2. oh tea i´m afraid i also have to move to milano now to try out all those things ur talking about :(