Thursday, March 7, 2013


OMFG y'all have given me such good March Madness requests my stomach hurts just reading them and not only because I ate leeks for dinner. And I graduated today, which means I can get started! You didn't believe I could graduate? Neither did I, until I woke up with three pimples to represent the three years I've studied at NABA. Also I guess they arrived via #stress. Because in Italy when you graduate you don't get to just put on a gown and sit in the grass and drink whiskey when nobody's looking while you wait for your name to get called. No! You have to present your thesis to a panel and drink whiskey between presentations in the bathroom instead (#stressful)! If you still don't believe me, here's a picture of me after signing my diploma

and the ~Graduate Banner~ I threw on the ground. 

Anyway, to celebrate this thing everyone my age has already done Great Accomplishment, tomorrow I'm going to Paris! And I'd make a new video before I go but tonight I have to write a VICE article about the Pope because my editor hates me even though I have a crush on him which will be difficult because all I know about the Pope is that in high school I said to a teacher, "an ex-Nazi is our new Pope," and he said, "grow up, Tea," and I was like, "I AM GROWN UP I'M SIXTEEN" and ran to the bathroom and took a whole box of laxatives and called my boyfriend and cried. 

So I don't have time to make a new video until I get back on Monday but if y'all wanna see, here's [parts of] the Thesis video I presented today with my collection and zines (my professors still have the zines and I want them back btw)! I've actually cut it hella short for y'all because it was full of stuff you don't wanna see and/or have already seen (and still is), but if you want to have an idea of what kind of crap can pass as "fashun," here ya go. The parts where I'm silent are the parts where IRL Tea is speaking to the professors and trying to convince them to not kick her out.

But who cares! Let's talk about how I'm excited about Paris via getting to see my Russian Princess and stalk a guy I once kissed at a Starbucks there. I'm also stoked about the fact that I'm finally overpacking. Yeah, I used to think it's cool to just bring one hand bag when I travel because it's cool to only wear one outfit over and over and over again in hopes of becoming a cartoon character but I'm too old for that crap now! This time I'm packing enough so I can change outfits every time I sneeze or blink or use the bathroom, which will be often, because, you know, me.

Ok so see y'all Monday! And let me know if you have any tips on the Pope! And also give me more March Madness requests-I'm going to try to do a video every day when I get back like I'm not kidding, I'll be like Daily Grace but with worse teeth.


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  1. Congrats for your graduation!
    I just want to say one word to you: fleshlights. There's a great future in fleslights shaped like your vagina.

    As for The Pope thing I'm a roman guy I can tell you some useless facts I know about him:
    -even he thinks creationism is stupid (
    -I live in Rome and I never went to st.peter to watch him on the balcony because that's boring for a non-religious guy. Yeah this is irrelevant to you.
    - this although that
    -In Italy blasphemy is a controversial deal. I mean it's totally forbidden on tv. But on the streets (real or digital) cursing divinities is ok
    -The only celebrity who could curse god (even if it was a joke) and not be banned was Berlusconi. Priests said that a "contextualization" was necessary in his case.
    -The Pope has got that long hat because in reality the Pope must be a rabbit
    -Dunno, The Pope is boring. Or maybe a pedophile. But my mom says that he's the one who fought the most against the pedophiles. My mom says the Polish one was more into that. And my mom is a bit of a conspirationist, she likes crop circles stories, ooparts, ufos, area 51, aztec crap... so I may believe her.