Friday, April 26, 2013


Hey Y'all! My show premiered last night and I was too nervous to watch it so instead I just made my parents live-stream it and update me on how cute I look or whatevz via text messages but anyway along with the show I'm doing an online edition based on each episode, and here's the first one! Enjoy and stay tuned for new TV and web episodes each Thursday!!

Monday, April 22, 2013


sometimes I read sometimes I hide sometimes I'm scared of poo but all I really want is to cry at night 

Friday, April 19, 2013


Here's the trailer for my new show I hope y'all like it and by "like" I mean obsess over.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


So I haven't mentioned this before only because I was afraid I'd jinx it and by that I mean I wasn't allowed to but now I can finally tell y'all that I'm hosting a new TV show and it's airing NEXT Thursday night at 23:30 on channel La3, which is apparently found on channel 134 on "digitale terrestriale" whatever that means and 143 on Sky! ANYWAY I need y'alls help because I don't have a TV and don't have any friends with TVs and I hAVE to watch this on a TV and not just online streaming because what's the point when I already watch myself online all the time?

Anyway anyone in Milan with a TV and that channel can you PUHLEAZ let me cum over and watch my show?? I'll bring you treats and act really funny and Instagram you if that's what you want :@)

Sunday, April 14, 2013


the best part about Vienna is it's full of Croatians so when mom and I talk shit about them they understand 

Monday, April 8, 2013


 (I wrote about war for VICE)

I just read on the news (Tumblr) that North Korea declared nuclear war on the US. And while most people seem shocked about this, I’m thinking, what took them so long? Young people in the “Free World” assume war will never happen to them in the same way I assumed I’d never get chlamydia and Californians assume they’ll never die in an apocalyptic earthquake (the only reason I won’t move there, aside from the fact that you have to drive in LA, and I don’t enjoy drunk driving). The truth is that war is just one of those shitty things that eventually happens to anyone who stays alive long enough, like cancer and babies. If I learned anything in history class, it’s that people will keep doing dumb crap until we destroy ourselves completely, and actually that’s all I learned, because I was always too busy strategizing how to avoid eating during lunch break to pay attention.

Until people realize that women and animals should rule the world we’ll be dealing with war, and so far I haven’t seen any cats get elected into office. So since we can’t change how much old men love making young men get killed and women get raped and killed, I say we should make the most of it.  


Be Cool
The reason why our grandparents seem cooler than us is because they are cooler than us, and the reason why they are cooler than us is because they’ve survived war. Starving in a concentration camp or having your legs shot off gives you instant street cred. Even just taking a nap during war-time is deemed brave and romantic. Experiencing war not only gives you credibility, but power over those who didn’t. For example, whenever I visit Croatia people there make me feel bizarrely ashamed about fleeing the war, by making it clear that since I wasn’t there I can’t have an opinion. So whenever they talk about it (constantly) I have to sit there nodding silently, and those of you who know me know I can’t stand not hearing my own voice. But spending your childhood in a basement full of grenades gives you the right to make that child who avoided the situation shut up. And there’s nothing cooler than telling others what to do.

Be Selfless
Wars put things in perspective. Having your entire city blown to pieces will help you care less about how many more followers your mom has than you on Instagram and eating sawdust for breakfast will distract you from the fact that your [future] boyfriend is ignoring you, even though you know for a fact he checks your blog daily, because you tracked his IP address.

Be Frugal
War will improve your wardrobe. Fashion Designers are all pussies so they’ll either die within five minutes or go hide out in Siberia, meanwhile you’ll have no money for fabric so you’ll make sure that whatever you wear will really count. Plus, hello, is there anything hotter than men in uniform? Whenever policemen or soldiers or construction workers even look at me I practically faint, regardless of how hideous they might be in reality (I wouldn’t know, I don’t look at their faces). I actually live next to a military academy and the boys wake me up every morning with their marching and singing but I don’t even mind, because they’re in uniform, and when I remember they’re teenagers, I still don’t mind, because I’m a pervert.

Be Resourceful
You might not have internet access during war-time and even if you do you’ll have to trade your iPad for toilet paper, so people who are only relevant online and therefore totally dependent on it (me) will suddenly become utterly useless. I suggest all bloggers or “online magazine editors” start immediately looking for comfortable street corners to stand on, because sex work is the only work that doesn’t stop when people are dying. That being said, it’s important you remember and record everything happening to you during war so that when America ends it you can release a best-selling e-Book.

Be Safe
Bomb shelters will give you a break from that room you’ve been paying five hundred a month for even though it isn’t even in a hip area and doesn’t even have heating but does come with a doorman who tries to touch your butt every time he yells at you for “recycling wrong” (why tuna cans belong in the plastic bin rather than the glass one is a mystery to me).

Be Strong
Just because you were dumb enough to join the army or unlucky enough to get drafted doesn’t mean all hope is lost. It might even be fun! Now that American women can officially fight in combat there will surely be rape romance on the battlefield to write home to your mothers about! I wonder how the dating scene will work there? Will condoms be traded in for cigarettes and bandages? Will men still be expected to make the first move? Will army girls fall in love with the enemy? (Probably not, everyone knows North Koreans are shit in bed). And how will you know if he Really Likes You or only held your hand to get you out of that exploding trench??? Either way, if you survive, you can tell your #tragic stories for the rest of your life to whatever bartender is unfortunate enough to be serving you, if you die you’ll remain a hero to whoever remembers you, and if you come back limbless you’ll probably end up on welfare, which is ideal, because everyone knows that free shit is totally chic. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Jenny just left me so I made a video inspired by her Glamour Tips to keep myself from ruining my eye makeup via tears.

Don't be a glamour-shamer.

Monday, April 1, 2013


OMFG y'all I didn't realize March was already ending and didn't do the last videos I wanted to make for March Madness! But it's not my fault, it's because my friend Jenny came to visit me from Ireland and has been glamouring me into forgetting about my very important #obligations these past few days. 

It's not like I haven't been productive, though. I'm actually learning so much! Jenny's teaching me lots of things like that it's OK to not wear high heels every day but that it's super important to avoid wearing tights as much as possible. 

She explained that tights only make you slightly warmer but much less glamorous. Jenny said it's important to dedicate yourself to glamour, no matter what. Like last year she made a pact with her friend to go bare-legged through the Irish winter and she ended up in the hospital with the flu but it was totally worth it. She told me that if you market yourself as a "girl with nice legs" you become one. 

I'm gonna try to force Jenny to make a video with me, hopefully one in which she shares her Life-Changing Fashun Wisdom! Stay tuned ;)