Friday, May 31, 2013


What a week, y'all!! My stalker got more stalker-y, 

my VICE column got more fascist-y,

my TV show ended (for this season! I'll get another one! Maybe! I don't believe in God so can I ask y'all to pray for this for me?), 

I got business cards, 

 started a new diet,

finally gave in and watched Game of Thrones and what's wrong with you people?? Like, if I wanted to see rape and murder I'd watch the news! (Below = me watching the wedding scene aka the last scene I'll ever see)

and prepared my speech for Next Fest!


This Saturday night I'm hosting a talk called "Sex and the Web" aka I'm gonna discuss how Tumblr girls are re-claiming sexuality and changing feminism via selfies, memes and lolz posts. I think it will be pretty good because I'm working hard on it. So hard that I'm not even writing for VICE this week so I have more time (just kidding I'm not writing for VICE this week because the Germans scared me away). 

Lots of people are afraid of public speaking but I personally love forcing an entire room full of people to pay attention to me and pretend to laugh at my jokes out of politeness and I'd love if I could share that experience with y'all so y'all should come and support me! If you clap loud enough I'll invite you out for a kebab afterwards. Anyway, that's all for now, I've gotta get back to work!  *downloads last season of Adventure Time* (Below = me watching Adventure Time). See y'all tomorrow!!! :)

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