Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Yesterday someone was like, "your Perfume Liberation is actually littering and it's illegal" and I was like, "first of all it's not littering if it's art and secondly how dare you talk to me" and  he was like, "I'm gonna report you" and I was like, "to who your mom I hear that she sucks" and he was like, "what" and I was like, "uh huh" and he was like, "oh my god" and I was like, "yeah I just did" and then he went away and I decided to liberate perfumes inside from now on or at least more often because I don't want some loser getting me in trouble with his shitty mom.

Today I dropped off Mr. Cartier and Mrs. Chanel by the toilet inside of one of my favorite bars. I love this bar because it's cheap enough to afford and close enough to crawl home from so I've been going there every day either to cry into glasses of wine or flirt with the bartender and by "flirt with the bartender" I mean yell at him to stop judging me for crying into my glasses of wine. I'm certain Mr. and Mrs. C will feel right at home. 

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